Welcome to our group practice


All our doctors are available by appointment only. You can make an appointment online (preferred option), or by calling us on 016/ 23.91.45.

The online diary is very user-friendly. You will be given a login and password along with your appointment confirmation (by e-mail or fax). You can then use these details to change or cancel your appointment up to 24 hours prior to your appointment. Changes and cancellations within 24 hours of your appointment must be made by telephone. When you use our practical diary, it is important to follow the procedure for making an appointment all the way through to the end, i.e. you must always scroll all the way down the screen. Otherwise there is a risk that your appointment will not be registered.

If there are no more appointments available on the online diary, you can usually still get an appointment by phone.

The online diary is not a means of communication and we cannot respond to any queries submitted via this medium.

We prefer to use Saturday morning appointments for acute cases.

For this reason, the diary for Saturday is only released online the evening before.

Please bring your eID-card and health insurance stickers with you.

You can pay by Bancontact.

If you cannot keep your appointment, please cancel in plenty of time beforehand so that it can be rescheduled for another patient.

Please switch off mobile phones during the consultation.



Since our consultation rooms have better examination and treatment facilities, we advise you to come to the practice if at all possible.

However, if your condition makes it impossible for you to come to the practice, you can request a house call by phoning 016/23.91.45. Request your house call in good time, preferably before 12.00, so that you can get help faster. House calls at an ‘agreed time’ are not possible.



If you need help in a hurry, you can of course call at any time! Emergencies can be dealt with in between.

If you can, make the phone call yourself, so you can talk directly to the doctor. In an emergency, you will be seen by the first available doctor.

Call 100 if the situation is life-threatening!!



If you have had a test, you can contact us the day after to get the results. If the results are for a blood analysis, it is best to call at a time agreed with the doctor.



Since the RIZIV and the Belgian Order of Doctors do not allow prescriptions and certificates to be issued outside a consultation, with effect from 1 June 2009 it will only be possible to obtain these via reception between 09.00 and 12.00 or from the doctors themselves between 18.00 and 20.00. It is therefore very important to make sure that you always ask your doctor to prescribe sufficient quantities during each consultation. If you need a prescription or certificate because an appointment has been changed, or you have lost them, you can obtain them during the consultation. The amount charged is in accordance with the RIZIV rates



Your GP is responsible for keeping and co-ordinating your GMD, your Global Medical Dossier containing your medical records.

The quality of healthcare is improved if all your medical records are kept by a single GP practice. Your GP is in the best position to organise a “custom” referral and this global medical dossier optimises communication between the specialist, your GP and other healthcare providers.

If you are aged 75 or over or if you have a chronic illness (your medical insurance will use statutory criteria to determine this), you will also enjoy a 30% discount on the non-refundable expenses of a normal house call.



We work as a group with room for consultation. All medical records are stored in a central dossier that is accessible to all our doctors. We offer you personalised healthcare based on a sound scientific foundation.

We also work with you to provide complete healthcare, because we believe that your welfare is determined not just by illness, but also your own perception, social factors and the people you associate with.

We also want to make healthcare possible through proper co-operation with our other care providers within the practice (dietician, physiotherapist, (child) psychologists, speech therapist, chiropodist and psychiatrist), as well as with specialists, nurses and physiotherapists outside the practice and with the relevant authorised bodies (homecare services, government, palliative care network, medical insurers). Our practice assistant can help both you and us.

All doctors undergo continuing professional development and hold certificates in electrocardiography and lung function measurement.

Areas of particular interest: palliative care (Dr M.Spileers – post-academic training), sports medicine (Dr O.Van Damme - Manama in training) and acute medicine (Dr C.Van der Mullen - holder of the certificate in acute medicine).

Our practice offers you support throughout pregnancy.

Our practice is also a training centre where many young GPs have already completed their training.